The True Elixir of Life?

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January 30, 2013 at 15:00 #1135


Recently I have been extraordinarily drawn to the research of alchemy for reasons I know not. Perhaps it is just me sating my ego’s overpowering desire for knowledge, or perhaps it is something bigger. Nonetheless, my obsessive research about this topic has led me to something that I feel may have credence. Being a very open-minded person, I understand that anything is possible with the creative power of god that we are, so I do not easily dismiss things or ideas as myth or legend and I do believe the lost art of alchemy to have validity. Also, as a (self-proclaimed) student of Lincolns very gracious teachings, I understand that no external “substance” can in itself can be used to attain enlightenment; that we must individually peel away the layers of our ego and recognize the higher self within us. That being said, I do believe certain external substances may (if used with the correct intention), help us along our path. Ultimately, however, only through pure meditation may we open our awareness to our higher self. So onto the meat of this post.

I have recently found in my research what I believe may be the true alchemical elixir of life as mentioned throughout history. It appears too much in history to just disregard as myth. The Egyptian Pharaohs and royalty used it in the form of what I believe they called “cone shaped shewbread”  for higher insight and better physical health. The Israelites were blessed with it from God when they were in the desert in the form of manna that came from the dew that had settled on the ground. Those are just a couple examples as it appears in many different forms throughout history. These are of course connections that I have made with no “factual” evidence and may or may not be true, however, I still believe they are all connected some way. The simple idea that it could be true is enough for me to pursue its secrets and through much research and scrutiny I believe I have found something.

The “True Elixir of Life” is made by using morning dew (preferably collected off pine needles under the full moon) and pure sea salt. It’s that and that only. I’m not sure of the specifics but the sea salt contains the astral energies of the sun known to alchemist as the astral fire and the morning dew contains the astral energies of the moon. Using a careful process of  digestion in a quartz flask, the elixir can be made in about 60 days I believe. A much more detailed explanation of the elixir and the process to make it can be found here:

Supposedly this elixir can be consumed in small dosages over time and will result in much greater awareness, physical and mental vitality as well as astral travel. The elixir can also supposedly be made into the true, ever elusive and mystical “Philosopher’s Stone” which has the ability to transmute base metals into more precious metals such as gold, however, I am only concerned with the spiritual potential of the elixir. I seek knowledge, love, and tranquility, not fortune.  This is just a short summary of the elixir but the link provided goes into much greater detail. Check it out, let me know what you all think.

I intend to give this elixir a try, but I do so cautiously as prematurely entering the astral plane before I am spiritually ready could produce a negative experience. When I enter the astral plane, I wish to do so with confidence and without fear, surrounded by Gods eternal love and light. I’ve never had an astral travelling experience and it is to my understanding that the spirits of the astral plane will know that I am perceiving them and that it will attract the lower more nefarious spirits that may wish to do me harm.

Who knows though, this could turn out to be just another hoax, but my intuition tells me otherwise. We will see how this turns out and I will share my experiences to all 🙂

Namaste and much love! 🙂



January 30, 2013 at 16:36 #1136


You may find this interesting.

This is Andrew Norton Webber’s website. I am not yet convinced of the reality of some of the things he claims but I am watching with an open and interested mind. If what he says about distilled water is true then it is very valuable information indeed.

January 30, 2013 at 18:29 #1138


Thank you Colin, this is very interesting! I will definitely be looking into this more extensively!

January 31, 2013 at 17:02 #1141


Hello Matthew.  In response to your email I have read this post and will respond.

In the last 5 or so years, the search for the alchemical “exlixir of life”, “soma”, “monoatomic gold”, “ormus”, “philsopher’s stone”, etc has become very popular.  There are many people selling substances by these historical and mythological names – as you may have noticed online.   There are many remarkable claims about ascension, enlightenment, bliss, longevity, anti-aging, etc.   Many people are claiming to sell you perfect happiness and total fulfillment in a bottle.

The questions that I would ask anyone interested in selling these products would be:

1) Where did you receive the recipe?

2) What has your experience been?

3) Why are so many people claiming to have exactly the same item – citing identical historical information and identical claims – yet all the items use different ingredients?

It is important to understand that these products are not new.  There are stories of “snake oil” for hundreds of years.  People have always hoped that something outside of them will enlighten them.  It is human conditioning to believe that we are powerless and something or someone outside of us has power over us – including our own spiritual awakening.

You are free to create your own life path.  We learn from our experiences.

My advice is that what you are seeking is within yourself and cannot be found in a bottle.

Enjoy the journey.

On another note… when someone like myself has read the ancient texts of Egypt, India, Maya, etc I understood the teachings to be speaking about something much deeper than what is written on the surface.  The authors of these texts hide the true message inside stories and symbols so that the knowledge would be known only to students are certain levels of awakening.  Be cautious of people speaking with “too good to be true” stories.  The truth is very simple… for those who are ready to see it.

Blessings and Love,

~ Lincoln

February 1, 2013 at 07:38 #1142


Thank you very much Lincoln! You are very right, I shouldn’t be seeking spiritual growth or enlightenment from a bottle or any other external substance. Often my ego’s desire to expand its knowledge and experience something new is very great. Perhaps it is just my extreme desire to be able to transcend this body and experience the infinite universe and to experience the different vibrations and planes of reality. It all sounds so exciting and wonderful to venture out into what is for me, the unknown and mystical!  But perhaps that in itself is whats holding myself back from progress. I should be patient, and continue with my meditation. It will come with time, and with proper intent. Not from my ego, which is still very much present and at work.

Thank you very much for your insight.


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