Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 36 "Concentration on the Inner Light"

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December 31, 2011 at 19:29 #693


A member of the Higher Self family informed me of this text in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – the original teaching of yoga.

The term ‘Lotus of the Heart’ is used to reference the energy center that the Higher Self calls the ‘Spiritual Heart’.


Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Swami Prabhavanda

Published by: The President Sri Ramakrisha Math Mylapore, Chennai-4.


ISBN: 81-7823-108-5

Sutra 36: Concentration may also be attained by fixing mind upon the Inner Light, which is beyond sorrow.

‘The ancient yogis believed that there was an actual center of spiritual consciousness, called “lotus of the heart” situated between the abdomen and the thorax which could be revealed in deep meditation. They claimed that it had the form of a lotus and that it shone with an inner light. It was said to be “beyond sorrow,” since those who saw it were filled with an extraordinary sense of peace and joy.’

‘From the earliest of times, the masters of yoga emphasized the importance of meditation upon this lotus, “The supreme heaven shines in the lotus of the heart,” says Kaivlya Upanishad: “Those who struggle and aspire may enter there. Retire into solitude. Seat yourself on a clean spot in an erect posture, with the head and neck in a straight line. Control all sense organs. Bow down in devotion to your teacher. Then enter the lotus of the heart and meditate there on the presence of Brahman – the pure, the infinite, the blissful.”’

…‘And in the Mundka Upanishad: “Within the lotus of the heart he dwells, where the nerves meet like the spokes of a wheel. Meditate upon him as OM, and you may easily cross the ocean of darkness. In the effulgent lotus of the heart dwells Brahman, passionless and indivisible. He is pure. He is the light of all lights. The knowers of Brahman attain him.’

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